13 Jun 2023

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my first article on my new blog!

Previously I posted the What is like to be a student worker? article in a couple of platforms like Medium or Dev.to... but having my own space where I could share my journey was always a dream of mine.

I'm thrilled to have you here as we embark on an exciting journey exploring the realms of technology, creativity, and personal growth.

Starting with this website being built with Gatsby.js and using Obsidian as my database for my articles and who knows what will be shared in the future :)

This setup and design was a little adapted from this Gatsby Starter Template from JuxtDesign . Since this is a free starter template I decided to use it almost entirely changing some theme colors and layout but tagging the author due to their amazing work.

A lot of things can be improved or added on this blog. Things like:

  • A proper category page
  • SEO
  • A timeline of my career
  • RSS Feed
  • And many more stuff.

I really hope that you liked this introduction about my blog and I'm looking forward to keep posting more frequently.

See you soon!


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